Snapchat Strategy: How Can Businesses and Organizations Use Snapchat For Marketing?

As mentioned previously, due to the thrill teenagers get with exposing their deepest, darkest, and at times ugliest secrets, Snapchat is perceived as one of the most popular social media networks for younger demographics. This in itself is a huge advantage for marketers, as specific brands and businesses can use this platform to intrigue this already curious age group and create potential benefits for their businesses.

Marketers really need to be on the forefront of marketing and digital advertising trends. Strategy needs to be based around pop culture and what is trending visually now, while still looking natural. Snapchat’s main market (teens to young adults) is a savvy audience who knows when they are being lied to or manipulated. They appreciate genuine communication with brands that understand what they are interested in.

Ways to Use Snapchat as a Business


Send your customers a discount code, coupon, or keyword they can then use in order to save money while making purchases. Making your coupons secretive has an air of exclusivity, which feeds into the overall Snapchat feel.


Hold contests for the best snaps or have a QuickSnap contest, where the first person(s) to respond with a snap back wins the prize.

Engagement and Community Building

This is covered in strategy, but depending on your popularity, sending responsive snaps back to users who send ones to you can help them feel like they are being heard; a huge benefit in the fight to get consumers’ attention.


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