Why You Should Avoid Cheap Or Free Cloud Hosting

The success of your online business depends on both the provider you choose and the type of website hosting you select. You could select from a variety of web hosting services by conducting a fast Google search. There are numerous options, ranging in price from inexpensive to expensive, and initially, the price may play a significant role in persuading visitors to become customers. But not everything that is inexpensive is good; occasionally, it might turn out to be unwise in the long run.

In this post, we’ll discuss inexpensive or free cloud hosting and outline five reasons you should stay away from these types of web hosting providers. So let’s get started without further ado!

What matters?

When selecting web hosting for their website, customers consider a number of factors. The two most important ones are speed and performance, with cloud hosting being the best option. And we frequently overlook cost, another crucial factor, in our search for the best hosting provider.

This is presumably due to the fact that many hosting companies offer free or inexpensive web hosting with suitable features, making it appear like the best option, especially in the beginning. However, a free or inexpensive web host can seriously damage your website, leading to subpar performance and disgruntled users.

We ask you to scroll down and think about the 5 reasons you should avoid free or inexpensive cloud web hosting for your website, regardless of whether you have already made the decision to go with cheap cloud hosting or are considering it because of financial constraints.

5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Cloud Hosting

Poor Page Load Speed
Cloud Hosting, in general, is known for its fast page load speed and scalability. In fact, according to a report by Hubspot, the ideal page load speed for a website’s HTML should be less than 1.5 seconds. Given these statistics, it is evident that Cloud Hosting is the most logical choice for blazing fast website speed.
However, with cheap Cloud Hosting, there are two factors to be considered:

Is the Cloud Hosting cheap always or is there some promo going on

If the prices of Cloud Hosting are always on the cheaper end, chances are the server is hosted in a Shared Hosting platform. Here multiple websites share the same server which, in turn, might impact the page load speed of your website. However, if the case is the latter then do your research thoroughly because the Cloud Hosting might be good and the provider might just be running the promo to up their sales in the competitive market.

Negative impact on SEO and rankings
Speed impacts SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Google considers page load speed while determining the page rank it assigns to a particular page. In fact, this is of utmost importance when it comes to mobile searches.

If your website speed is slow then your page will load slower from the server end which would eventually affect your google page rank. Thus, cheap Cloud Hosting has a negative impact on SEO and page rankings.

Uptime/Downtime issues
Cheap hosting spells server issues. If the server your website is hosted on is down there will be a lot of downtime. This is mostly true because multiple websites share the same server space and there is limited bandwidth.

Thus, if a particular website receives heavy traffic it might not only affect the performance of that website but also of the other websites hosted on the server. Moreover, if your server faces a lot of downtime, it will indirectly affect the uptime and your website may not recover as fast as it should have.

Security Concerns
Everything comes with a price! Cheap or free Cloud Hosting doesn’t guarantee security. This means your website is vulnerable to security flaws, malicious viruses and so on. Furthermore, with multiple websites sharing the same server and a lack of firewall can increase your security concerns. You may have your own security in place, however, if the server is compromised all is lost.

Customer Support
Most cheap or free hosting services do not offer managed support to their clients. This means that if you are not tech savvy you might land yourself in a glitch. Before choosing a free hosting provider, make sure to check if they have good customer support via calls/emails/tickets/chats. If you feel anything is lacking then it is wise to not go ahead with the deal. After all, good support is helpful in times of need.


Although cheap hosting might initially appear to be a good deal, it ends up costing much more than slightly more expensive hosting. The next time you are tempted to choose inexpensive cloud hosting, we advise you to do more research to determine whether the investment is truly worthwhile or just a waste of money.

Agnes Berry