Are You Looking for Best and Cheap Hosting Provider That Supports The Latest Version of Plesk Control Panel (Odin Plesk 12.5)?

Are You Looking for Best and Cheap Hosting Provider That Supports The Latest Version of Plesk Control Panel (Odin Plesk 12.5)?

Why You Should Plesk for Your Control Panel?

Plesk is designed to help web administrators, application developers, web professionals, hosting service providers, and infrastructure providers create targeted solutions. Parallels Plesk Control Panel is the leading multi-platform control panel designed to provide a simple, convenient way to manage your web services.

– Easy

The Plesk Control Panel reduces operating costs as customers will be able support themselves. The key auto-update mechanism, auto-component updater, migration manager and a Web-based installation for quick deployment ensure you won’t spend hours on the phone providing support.

Best and Cheap Hosting Provider That Support Odin Plesk 12.5 Control Panel

– Profitable

The Plesk Panel is the only control panel which offers the direct availability of hundreds of applications for end users. With terrific add-ons like Parallels Plesk Billing for invoicing or Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder for website editing and management — you can truly offer an all in one solution to your customers.

– User-Friendly Interface

Plesk’s interface gives you the option to create and manage your own skins in the browser-based interface. In addition the Admin can act as the default client for the entire server making shared hosting setup even easier.

– Migration Manager

Modular in architecture and employing different plug-ins the Migration Manager allows users to quickly migrate accounts from cPanel, Ensim, Cobalt, old Plesk versions, In-house systems, or any other system to their new Plesk server.

– Application Vault

Plesk includes a new customizable repository of site applications with the ability to add, deploy, configure and remove applications for any domain on the system (CMS, forums, counters, chat software) with one click.

What’s New In The Latest Version of Plesk Control Panel (Odin Plesk 12.5)?

The latest version of Plesk Control Panel is 12.5. In this version are a few highlights of what you can expect to see when testing the Plesk preview release:

  • Improved core administrative routines and overall user-experience – Backups, migrations, and site-apps now work better, run faster, and are more reliable.
  • Increased supportability for Plesk administrators – Servers administrators of all skill levels will be better equipped to maintain and update Plesk servers.
  • Enhanced key features for the web developer audience – Enhanced user-experience added for the core needs of web developers who use web servers to develop, deploy, and support SAAS applications.

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