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Windows hosting servers can be customized for any type of hosting including shared, VPS, dedicated or cloud, and they can run any of your favorite content management systems. This means that no matter what type of site you’re looking to run, a Windows based solution will be a great choice. Therefore, we have established this Windows ASP.NET review site, which is designed to help you find the best Windows ASP.NET host within minutes, based on our specialized editors’ Windows ASP.NET hosting experience and real customers’ feedback.

What’s New in .NET Core 3.1.3?

.NET Core 3.1.3

.NET Core 3.1.3 includes enhancements in application deployment, event handling for runtime services, authentication to Azure SQL databases, JIT compiler performance, and code injection prior to the execution of the Main method.

New deployment mode

Starting with .NET Core 3.1.3, you can deploy framework-dependent executables, which are .exe files instead of .dll files. Functionally similar to framework-dependent deployments, framework-dependent executables (FDE) still rely on the presence of a shared system-wide version of .NET Core to run. Your app contains only your code and any third-party dependencies. Unlike framework-dependent deployments, FDEs are platform-specific.

This new deployment mode has the distinct advantage of building an executable instead of a library, which means you can run your app directly without invoking dotnet first.


Handling events in runtime services

You may often want to monitor your application’s use of runtime services, such as the GC, JIT, and ThreadPool, to understand how they impact your application. On Windows systems, this is commonly done by monitoring the ETW events of the current process. While this continues to work well, it’s not always possible to use ETW if you’re running in a low-privilege environment or on Linux or macOS.

Starting with .NET Core 3.1.3, CoreCLR events can now be consumed using the EventListener class. These events describe the behavior of such runtime services as GC, JIT, ThreadPool, and interop. These are the same events that parts of the CoreCLR ETW provider.  This allows for applications to consume these events or use a transport mechanism to send them to a telemetry aggregation service.


AAD authentication to Azure SQL databases with the SqlConnection.AccessToken property

Starting with .NET Core 3.1.3, an access token issued by Azure Active Directory can be used to authenticate to an Azure SQL database. To support access tokens, the AccessToken property has been added to the SqlConnection class. To take advantage of AAD authentication, download version 4.6 of the System.Data.SqlClient NuGet package. In order to use the feature, you can obtain the access token value using the Active Directory Authentication Library for .NET contained in the Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory NuGet package.

JIT compiler improvements

Tiered compilation remains an opt-in feature

In .NET Core 2.1, the JIT compiler implemented a new compiler technology, tiered compilation, as an opt-in feature. The goal of tiered compilation is improved performance. One of the important tasks performed by the JIT compiler is optimizing code execution. For little-used code paths, however, the compiler may spend more time optimizing code than the runtime spends executing unoptimized code. Tiered compilation introduces two stages in JIT compilation:

  • first tier, which generates code as quickly as possible.
  • second tier, which generates optimized code for those methods that are executed frequently. The second tier of compilation is performed in parallel for enhanced performance.


Injecting code prior to executing the Main method

Starting with .NET Core 3.1.3, you can use a startup hook to inject code prior to running an application’s Main method. Startup hooks make it possible for a host to customize the behavior of applications after they have been deployed without needing to recompile or change the application.

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