Best and Cheap India PrestaShop Hosting – New Features in PrestaShop

What is the best about PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is from that group and it’s actually very special, it’s a lot different from the others, otherwise, it won’t be so popular. For example, the first major thing about PrestaShop is that it’s free. This means you may download the PrestaShop engine from the provider and you may install it on your own hosting. You actually will need hosting for that. You install it and then install the PrestaShop theme, the design theme, then you add the products and you actually manage your online store.

Why should you pay attention to this engine

Actually, there’s a lot of options that are free on the market, however, there’s a combination of the other factors, that makes PrestaShop so special. For example, one of the major differences and advantages of PrestaShop is that it’s very light-weight and fast. That’s very good for your store, that’s very good for the user experience. That’s actually very good for search engine rankings because search engines love websites that are fast, that perform well so that’s one of the major reasons why PrestaShop became so popular.

Is it easy enough for a beginner to use PrestaShop?

The other reason is that PrestaShop is very, very beginner-friendly, it’s very hard to break something, and it’s very easy to set things up on your own, without ever using a programmer’s assistance or some sort of developers. It’s very easy to install it on your hosting by yourself, so that’s another major reason, and last not least is that PrestaShop has a very active community and active PrestaShop foundation. I mean, the official developers of the software. And, with the community it’s pretty much clear the community builds design themes and functional modules for PrestaShop. With the foundation, this is less obvious, however, it’s also very important, because you really want to work with the software, provided by the company who takes a good care of it and who invests time and resources into building up the community, into the development of the product itself, so that’s actually a very important thing.

What are the new features in PrestaShop release?

PrestaShop is now available. This maintenance release fixes 41 regressions reported on version is available!

We suggest upgrading your shop quickly in order to benefit from these fixes. Of course, don’t forget to backup before.

Main fixes

Order pages (back-office)

  • The voucher line is not removed when the order’s total is < to the minimum amount for cart rule
  • The characters limit is wrongly calculated when choosing a predefined message
  • When creating an order, the minimum quantity of a combination is not correct
  • Bad display of some special characters in private note
  • An exception is displayed when changing the invoice address in the second time – Round mode = Round on each item
  • When adding or updating a product on an already paid order, the message in payment block is not added/updated immediately
  • Voucher line is not added when a cart rule “Discount for a country selection” is applied
  • The Voucher “Free shipping” value is not updated when changing an address
  • The shipping block is not instantly updated when updating the Address
  • An exception is displayed when we try to return products in All shops context
  • In the cart, when updating the quantity of a product using the “up/down arrow” with consecutive hits on the same input, it’s not acknowledged correctly
  • Incorrect Total’s product line when Round type = “Round on each item”
  • When adding a product to an empty order, the Shipping is not updated in the info block
  • When we have a different language for each shop, all languages are displayed in the drop-down language of the add order page instead of just the languages associated to the shop selected
  • When customized products are imported in the second shop without customization, an unexpected error is displayed
  • Wrong update of a cart rule with gift
  • When adding a product to an old order, an incorrect value is displayed and an incorrect amount calculated.
  • When the cart on the order page is updated, it updates the product price if the product has changed between the cart creation and the updates
  • When the shipping is edited in an existing order, product prices are reseted
  • Incorrect Product’s total when it is in a category discount for the customer Group
  • When stock management is disabled, the available quantity in order detail is displayed
  • The gift product is not removed when removing a product ordered
  • When deleting the first product from an order, all other products are removed


  • When editing the list of product linked to a tag and removing only one product, all linked product are removed
  • The log filter by employee does not work
  • If there are more than 10 credits slips and if you try to change the number of items displayed, nothing happens
  • When a currency was modified in 176, if I upgrade to 1770, the currency can no longer be modified or deleted
  • Pagination is not working in the product quick navigation popup
  • Adding incorrect language code causes “Cache key length must be greater than zero.” error when trying to edit currency
  • Unable to change existing CMS Page’s category
  • Can’t disable or uninstall modules in Module Manager after upgrade PS from to


  • Pack of products – Incorrect image displayed
  • The displayAfterProductThumbs hook content is duplicated after adding a product in the cart
  • Mobile devices displays images to the left instead of being placed in the center
  • Following a successful customer creation through Chrome, the user is redirected to homepage without https even if the shop is full https


  • Behat tests: Reset static cache of all object models between feature tests
  • Upgrade => fails ; XmlLoader Call to a member function trans() on null
  • In autoupgrade process, Doctrine schema update process is performed after scripts which create inconsistent behavior
  • The left menu in BO disappeared after upgrade to
  • Module is not registered in “aliases” hooks

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