Best and Cheap Sitefinity 12.1 Hosting – What’s New?

Best and Cheap Sitefinity 12.1 Hosting

What is Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is a content management system designed by the Telerik corporation. Because it was built with the singular purpose of being a CMS for eCommerce retailers, it features powerful retail-improvement tools that many other content management tools lack. While, according to, Sitefinity is only used by 0.2% of known websites at present, the user-base it has developed is made up of la creme de la creme of international commerce.

What is New in Sitefinity 12.1?

Build Innovative and Engaging Digital Experiences Even Faster

Building on enhancements in the previous releases, Sitefinity 12.1 now simplifies the process of selecting and modifying MVC templates. Sitefinity 12.1 enables site admins and developers to set predefined values for MVC widgets to increase developer productivity, accelerate time to market and help marketers meet their business-critical objectives.

Make Every Email Personal to Your Business

Make the most out of your email communications with new email customization options introduced in Sitefinity 12.1. A new visual email template editor enables site admins and marketers to customize notifications and communications with peers and prospects. Additionally, with the rich text editor in Sitefinity, you can effortlessly create and edit email templates and insert dynamic data in the email’s subject line and body to increase engagement.

Effortlessly Create, Manage and Control Meaningful Content

Sitefinity 12.1 further improves marketers’ day-to-day productivity and output with multiple refinements to the content management experience. This release enhances the content editing screen and enables users to add related media or other items as you create dynamic content in single- or multi-site deployments.

Make Personalization Your Competitive Advantage with Sitefinity DEC

Sitefinity 12.1 empowers marketers to take control of their personalization strategy by finetuning persona scoring rules, delivering improved audience segmentation and personalization. To meet their campaign goals, demand gen practitioners can also extend the conversion window for their campaigns from 7 days to 18 months.

Keep the Bad Actors Out

Sitefinity 11 introduced a web security module that enables site administrators to harden web security by easily configuring HTTP response headers from the website administration panel. Sitefinity 12.1 introduces new options to the built-in security module that enable site administrators to stay on top of the latest security threats.

Take Control of Your Configuration Settings

Sitefinity is a highly customizable CMS with various configuration settings. To help save time and improve productivity, Sitefinity 12.1 introduces backend search for basic and advanced configuration settings. Developers and site administrators will appreciate the ability to search for a configuration key, value or description as they tweak the system to better resonate with the needs of IT and the business. Sitefinity 12.1 also provides the ability to search in non-content-based items such as Roles.

Quickly and Easily Develop New Projects with Sitefinity VSIX

Sitefinity 11.0 marked the release of a new Visual Studio extension called Sitefinity VSIX, which helps developers quickly scaffold Sitefinity projects and implement various Sitefinity resources.

Sitefinity 12.1 introduces multiple refinements to the extension to help developers be even more productive.

The VSIX extension is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and 2017. With MVC being the optimal choice for Sitefinity development, the tool is focused on facilitating the development of MVC templates and widgets (including personalization). The actual VSIX implementation is a wrapper of Sitefinity CLI. The tools support Sitefinity 10.2 and up.

We are sure that you reuse many code snippets/samples for your projects and those lines of code could be the perfect candidate to extend the built-in functionalities of the tools. All you need to do this is get the CLI and VSIX repositories (they are open source) and send us a pull request.

  • Sitefinity VSIX
  • Sitefinity CLI

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