Best and Cheap Sitefinity 8.2 Hosting

Best and Cheap Sitefinity 8.2 Hosting

What is Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is a content management system designed by the Telerik corporation. Because it was built with the singular purpose of being a CMS for eCommerce retailers, it features powerful retail-improvement tools that many other content management tools lack. While, according to, Sitefinity is only used by 0.2% of known websites at present, the user-base it has developed is made up of la creme de la creme of international commerce.

Best and Cheap Sitefinity 8.2 Hosting

What is New in Sitefinity 8.2?

With new features ranging from advanced personalization to scalability improvements, Sitefinity 8.2 has something to offer to both marketing and technical users. Features include:

Advanced Personalization

Now with Sitefinity 8.2 you can personalize each individual piece of content and image to create a near endless number of customized experiences on a single page easier and faster than ever before.

Optimization of Conversions for the Right Audience
Sitefinity 8.2 now supports custom contact fields for audience segmentation and contact profiling.

Personalization Reporting

New Personalization Attribution Reporting features available in Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud enable you to see exactly which pieces of personalized content are contributing more to your marketing and communications goals.

Improved Cloud Support

Sitefinity 8.2 now supports both automatic configuration and cloud auto-scaling for Microsoft Azure.

Better Lead Scoring

Sitefinity 8.2 enables you to initiate activities in third-party systems based on lead scoring events.

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