Best and Cheap Joomla 3.8.4 Hosting Provider


Best and Cheap Joomla 3.8.4 Hosting Provider

Joomla has a very loyal user base, with dedicated Joomla users around the world creating a strong community. That community in turn has created thousands of items to extend Joomla — templates, components, modules, plug-ins, and so on — just waiting for you to use. Finally, this thriving community specializes in providing help to novices, so when you use Joomla, you’re never alone.

“Start New Website .. with the easiest installation ever!”

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Immediate Activation

Your account will be activated immediately upon payment verification and completion.


Money Back Guarantee

They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all shared hosting accounts. If you are dissatisfied with your account for any reason they’ll refund your account no questions asked.


Guaranteed Uptime

They guarantee they will meet 99.9% network uptime every month which is backed by their service level agreement (SLA).


Superior Data Center

They operate 8 (eight) world class data center United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany, Australia, India and Singapore, thus providing global access to their customers.


24/7 Technical Support

They provide a reliable and friendly 24 x 7 technical support assistance that can resolve your issues effectively and efficiently.


Latest Technology

They always deploy the latest technology to all their servers and this is to ensure that they always stand in front of their competitors.


Best and Cheap Joomla 3.8.4 Hosting Provider

Extensive Content Management features

Joomla was built from the ground up as a content management system and content management is what it does the best. There are hundreds of options and dozens of interface screens to help you create, organize, sort and display content in any number of ways.

User Management and ACL features

A user registration system, user manager and multiple ACL (Access Control List) levels are built right into the core of Joomla. This makes Joomla an ideal choice for websites that require user accounts, user registrations or content restriction features.

International Language Support

A huge reason Joomla is so popular worldwide is the extensive internationalized language support it offers. Joomla can be installed in many different languages, or with multiple languages, and it offers basic multilingual features right out of the box.

Standardized Interface And Functionality

More features always come with more learning curve and there are no shortage of features in Joomla. It can be helpful to know that Joomla has a set of standardized controls and many of the core features operate in a similar way. This not only helps us learn Joomla, it also creates a more stable and secure CMS foundation. This foundation is the source of many powerful features in Joomla.

Advanced Template Control

Some CMS platforms only allow for one active template (or theme) or one set of template settings across an entire website, and in many cases this is adequate. However, if you have ever wished it was easier to make different template settings across different pages or wished you could use more than one template in your website Joomla can answer the call.

Jommla Is Easy to Use

Joomla is super-powerful, easy to use, and loaded with tons of extras (and even more tons of extras are available for download). Using Joomla makes creating a professional website nearly as easy as printing a word processing document.

Best and Cheap Joomla 3.8.4 Hosting Provider

Although Joomla involves a small learning curve, after you master a few basic skills, building and maintaining a website is easy.

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Best and Cheap Joomla 3.8.4 Hosting Provider

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Their powerful servers are especially optimized and ensure the best Joomla performance


They do provide free assistances, not only to your website setup, but all its related stuffs.


Their support team is ready 24/7/365 to provide assistances to all your technical inquiries.

EXPERTS in Joomla

All of them web hosting plans are carefully tailored. On top of the standard features like free domain names, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, etc.

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Their unique solutions and expertise guarantee a superior experience!


Per month

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • 15 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 MSSQL @100 MB
  • 1 MySQL @100 MB
  • 200 MB Email Space

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Per month

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 MSSQL @200 MB
  • 2 MySQL @200 MB
  • 200 MB Email Space

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Per month

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 25 GB Disk Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 MSSQL @500 MB
  • 3 MySQL @500 MB
  • 500 MB Email Space

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