Best and Cheap Kartris E-commerce v2.9 Hosting

Best and Cheap Kartris E-commerce v2.9 Hosting

Kartris is a free ASP.NET web application for running online stores. The system is fully featured e-commerce CMS (content management system) that can store and display product and other data to customers, and has the e-commerce elements that allow items to be selected and purchased, and orders to be processed.

Best and Cheap Kartris E-commerce v2.9 Hosting

Kartris is written in VB.NET ‘web forms’ with an MS SQL 2008+ database, and as such must be hosted on an MS Windows Server running the Microsoft IIS web server for production deployment, although it can be run for development and test purposes on a variety of Windows installations.

Kartris has a modern, user-friendly interface that makes use of AJAX to deliver a fast, feature-rich experience that works on all modern browsers. Kartris is featured within the Microsoft Web App Gallery. Various Microsoft Tools including IIS and Web Matrix make it simple to install Kartris.

Kartris E-commerce v2.9 Hosting Requirements

Any major browser on any operating system can use a Kartris web site. However, to actually run a development version of the Kartris software, you must be running various Microsoft software.

Operating System

Kartris runs on the Microsoft IIS web server, and as such is limited to running on operating systems that can run this:

  • IIS 7.0, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista (Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate Editions)
  • IIS 7.5, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7
  • IIS 8.x, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8

Very often, IIS is disabled as default, and you will have to enable it.

  • Setting up IIS on Windows Vista or Windows 7


A database is used to store product data, orders and most other information for the web site. Kartris is designed to use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or above. You can use the free Microsoft SQL Server Express versions too.

  • Microsoft SQL Express


You can edit the CSS and master pages in a basic text editor if you wish. However, you might find it easier to use Visual Studio, a Microsoft development tool that has a number of features to make working with ASP.NET files simpler. Fortunately, Microsoft has a free version of this available too specifically for web development with ASP.NET:

  • Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express

Please note that all the above software is provided by Microsoft; they do not support the setup or installation of this software.

Why ASPHostPortal is The Best and Cheap Kartris E-commerce v2.9 Hosting?

ASPHostPortal – Fully Support Kartris E-commerce v2.9 Hosting

To use all of Kartris E-commerce v2.9 versions especially the latest version, you should choose reliable hosting company that has fully support. ASPHostPortal is one of the best Windows hosting providers that always gives fully support of all Kartris E-commerce v2.9 versions. Their support features is very updateable.

ASPHostPortal – Kartris E-commerce v2.9 Expert Support Team

Their Kartris E-commerce v2.9 Expert Support Team is very friendly. Feel free to ask all your problems to them. They are always ready to help you 24/7/365. If you like to contact their support, you can contact them with create ticket. As usual, the ticket can be replied within half an hour, the response speed is much faster than any other web hosting. Only fast is not enough, it must be professional, you may find there’re much more satisfied clients with ASPHostPortal, since those guys are more professional in assisting the customers. In all, the support team is real great!

ASPHostPortal – 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

As is known, reliability is a top concern for webmasters hosting Kartris E-commerce v2.9 websites, thus ASPHostPortal exerts to providing satisfying uptime so as to keep websites running stably and smoothly. This hosting provider guarantees 99.9% uptime.

ASPHostPortal – World Class Control Panel

As one of the most webmaster friendly web hosting provider, ASPHostPortal gives out all the convenience to their customer to manage the server easily. ASPHostPortal chooses Plesk Control Panel as the Windows web hosting control panel. Plesk Control Panel is an easy-to-use and visual designed control panel for Windows web hosting. With Plesk Control Panel you can easily manage all about your websites, including domains, files, databases, scheduled tasks, FTP accounts, emails and more.

ASPHostPortal – Pricing

ASPHostPortal pricing is quite cheap and very competitive; a hosting plan goes for as low as $1/month per month. And to start Kartris E-commerce v2.9 hosting you just need to pay $5.00/mo. They are one of the cheapest hosting put there which still offers good service for customer’s money. They have eight different plans which give flexibility and the opportunity to go for a plan that suits customers’ needs as well as their pocket.

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