Create an ASP.NET Core 3.0 Angular SPA project with Docker support

With great jubilee we can now create ASP.NET Core web application with an Angular template. However much to my dismay I found that the little Enable Docker Support checkbox is grayed out…

Not to fear, a little pocking is all that’s required here ☝

To get started let’s right click add docker support

That will create the following Dockerfile

It’s created in the project folder BUT the path to the resources is in the folder is one level back i.e.

So just cut the Dockerfile one folder back next to it’s sln and .vs friends 😊

If we give that docker file a build (I use docker desktop for windows and the docker cli in kitematic)

we will run happily along until we hit an unfortunate non-zero code

npm: not found

What’s this!? Somebody call the FBI.

Indeed npm is not found in the aspnet:3.0-buster-slim build enviornment.

The npm command is executed from the csproj production publish node


That’s great because that’s all included in the core application. Now all we need to do is install npm (it feels great to write that the other way round for once) to the docker build environment. Update the Dockerfile with the following lines and try again.

Let’s try another docker build

Step 1/19 :  ✔
Step 2/19 :  ✔
Step 3/19 :  ✔
Step 4/19 :  ✔
Step 5/19 :  ✔
Step 6/19 :  ✔
Step 7/19 :  ✔
Step 8/19 :  ✔
Step 9/19 :  ✔
Step 10/19 : ✔
Step 11/19 : ✔
Step 12/19 : ✔
Step 13/19 : ✔✔
Step 14/19 : ✔✔✔
Step 15/19 : ✔✔✔✔
Step 16/19 : ✔✔✔✔✔
Step 17/19 : ✔✔✔✔✔✔
Step 18/19 : ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Step 19/19 : ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Successfully built d42ca7e6964e 
Successfully tagged netcore-angular-docker:latest

Yeah Buddy

okay but now it’s time for the moment of truth. Does the container serve the app? Try to run the app

Indeed we can see that our angular app backed by core is serving happily from the docker image:

And the API is running as well:

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