Web Hosting vs Domain Name: Differences Explained

Getting to grips with the difference between web hosting and domain names is essential when you’re running a website. Here, we talk you through each one – and what the key differences are.

When you’re a beginner in the world of websites (and even when you’re not!) there can be a lot of jargon and technical terms to get your head around.

Two of the most important features of a website are web hosting and a domain name. However, many people often get these two different web elements confused.

Fear not, though – it’s an easy mistake to make. So in this article, we’ll explain the differences between the two – and why you need to understand both to be successful at building your online presence.

Anjali Punjab

Anjali Punjab is a freelance writer, blogger, and ghostwriter who develops high-quality content for businesses. She is also a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified and Google Analytics Qualified Professional.