What is Windows Web Hosting? Explanation About Windows Web Hosting

The technology that windows offer is also increasing day by day. People who are using windows web hosting is based with asp.net or MySQL languages. These hosting services are independent that creates the compatibility with other services also. It is well known fact that windows hosting is more expensive even though the customers are purchasing it.

Due to large part of it into the category of commercial products, this kind of hosting includes the licensing cost. It is more important that the prices that you select for your website in Windows Web Hosting must worth your price money. Hence, windows is that which is having your website on dedicated server.


Several reasons will come along if we talk about windows web hosting. Thus, customers will get numerous benefits in using windows web hosting. Every provider wants to make Best Windows Web Hosting available for their customers.So that, the users will, again and again, buy the services from them only. They will also recommend to your colleagues, or friends which will help the company to get profit. Some of the benefits of windows web hosting are:-

  • .NET framework – It supports the programming languages like asp.net and MySQL which are more compatible with windows hosting rather than Linux.
  • Front page extension – If you are using web design programs called Microsoft front page then windows hosting will make it easier for you to run the website.
  • Access compatibility – If your website collects any data from the database in access, the windows server are a great option for integrating them.
  • Development – If you are a developer or programmer and need to build a website for your business, then Windows hosting is the best solution for you.


To find out cheap windows web hosting is not a difficult task for the customers. Nowadays, every user is having the internet available to them that makes it easier for them to catch the cheap and best hosting service. They can directly search it on Google for Cheap Windows Web Hosting services. Moreover, they find out the list of companies and can visit their reviews and can do a survey of such companies for finding the best solution for them. Hence, this has not become a problematic part for the users to watch it out.As everyone wants the lowest and best-est price for their website.

Each and every company have made their price structures different for the customers. Hence, this becomes easier then to find out the best services for the users. Users can build up their own thinking to choose the best. They must nor trust more on companies, as there are many companies available who are offering their services at the cheapest price only at the time of sale. But, later on, their services do not work well. Therefore, if you do not have a knowledge regarding the web hosting services, you must check out the reviews and survey of those companies from where you want to buy.


When you are going for the hosting of your web page with Windows Hosting, there may be certain issues which can be solved which may crop up during web hosting. Let us take a look at these issues.

Website is quite slow

When you are accessing your website, you may find that the loading time for the opening of the page of your site is quite slow. This indicates a slow server. You can cross check and be doubly sure by opening other websites which have been hosted on other web servers. If you find these sites to be opening up quite fast, you can be absolutely sure that your net connection or your PC is the cause behind the slow speed. In case you have technical knowledge, you can see the size of the graphic files, script numbers, and the database connection to understand the server condition.

Lack of adequate support

If you face certain problem after the hosting procedure, you should have ready reference guidance material by the service provider on their website. You may easily refer to it to get the solutions of the problems. There may be ready answers available to Frequently Asked Questions section which can solve many of the common problems. In case you are not finding your answer in the readymade answers, you should be able to approach the company for the solution to your problems. If proper contact data is not given on their site, it hints at inadequate support services from them. The best windows hosting company support staff provide you with answers either by chat, phone or email.

Using old server

If you are noticing that you cannot see certain emails in your mailbox or that logging into the mailbox is quite difficult, it indicates that the configuration of the server has not been done in a proper manner. When you send emails, you may need to send attachments. If you find that the attachments are not taking place properly, and you are getting failed messages, you are not using an email server which is upgraded. Your hosting service provider is using an old server system and has cut down on his costs.

Inadequate space and bandwidth

The best windows hosting service provider will see to it that you do not face any limit restrictions of disk space and bandwidth. Initially, the web traffic may be less for your site, but when it picks up, users will have difficulty in accessing your web page. Some of the service providers do not declare the limits without anticipating that your web traffic may rise with time.

Unavailability of web page

Your web page should be available all the time. Even if maintenance needs to be done, it should be done at night. The downtime should be at a minimum so that customers are able to access your site for most of the time during the day. With an extended downtime, you lose a significant business amount. The probable customers do not get to see the details of your products or services.

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