Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

Web hosting need

A lot of people tend to think that registering a domain name is good enough to get a website active. What they fail to understand is that a domain is as good as your name, a name by which others may recognize you. In order to get a website active and live on the internet, you need to host a website. If you are seeking to build a website without taking web hosting services, registering domain names will serve no purpose. Having a web hosting account is very important in order to get a website hosted. A web hosting company makes it possible for your website to be accessed by everyone on the web.

Web hosting is basically the space that you buy on a web server to store your website files. When you buy website hosting you basically rent server space on a server where your web files will be placed. So whenever somebody will look up for your website by entering your domain, he will get directed to your website. You can design a website on your own computer but unless you upload it on a hosting server it can never be accessed by anyone.

Web hosts usually charge for the service they render. You as a user also have the ability to have your own full-fledged server right from your own home, but the main difference between investing in your own server and picking a hosting company is that designing your own server is likely to cost you dearly. To set up a server, you will require a powerful computer with a good processor and lots of RAM and also an operating system like Linux or Windows. To add to that you will also be required to have technical skills to manage and run the server.

When you hire a web hosting company, it will manage all backend concerns, including the maintenance and repair of the servers. So basically, web hosts are designed to make your life easier by saving you the hassle.

While there are multiple hosting services available, it is always advised not to buy something that is expensive. With a little bit of research, one can get good web hosting services at an affordable price. You should not get tricked into buying more than what you actually require. There is always a scope to upgrade your hosting plan if your website starts generating a huge amount of traffic.

Things to be aware of when picking a web host

There is the number of web hosts that provide hosting services at very affordable rates today and more often than not we get attracted when we hear words like ‘cheap’, ‘free’, ‘affordable’. But today it is very vital to look for hidden things like cost and performance when we pick a web hosting company, as you would not want to pay something additional or pick a company that is not up to the mark.

Don’t get tempted

Hosting service providers nowadays use different marketing gimmicks and terminologies to lure customers. One shouldn’t get lured into any of these gimmicks. At first, an affordable web hosting plan may look like the best option you can avail, but it is important to thoroughly check the plan before selecting it. Many website hosting services look very affordable but get pricey in the long run. A number of web hosting service providers claim to offer everything you need for a great website, this, however, may not always be true. Hence it is advised to review all the parameters before selecting a hosting service provider.

Cheap hosting plans

The website hosting industry has evolved drastically in the last few years, as there is a number of options available to select from. You are always suggested to check the pros & cons of the web host before actually picking the hosting company. Most web hosting companies, who claim to offer free hosting plans, come with many pitfalls. In some cases, hosting companies provide functionalities free for a limited period in the beginning and later charge for them. So one shouldn’t just go for affordable hosting solutions, but rather pick one very carefully.


Excessive downtime of your hosting server is surely something that you can’t ignore. If your web host is not fully equipped to deal with overcapacity, your business website could be in big trouble. Without a suitable infrastructure to support your website, a web host could do a lot of damage to your business website.

While several hosts offer a shared allocation of resources and servers, you must be wary of hosts who pretend to offer shared resources at affordable rates. In most cases, sharing your server for free could see you spending huge amounts of money on its upkeep. This can also severely affect the performance of the website. A little bit of caution and attentiveness can help you to choose a good website hosting company.

Why Windows Web Hosting?

In order to have a successful web presence, one needs to take help from a web hosting provider. We all know that website hosting is a service that provides users with an online system for storing information, images, video or any file that can be easily accessed via the internet. So in order to gain from your website, quality hosting services is what you actually require. Obviously, we all want to select a web hosting service provider who offers high-quality hosting solutions, but most people tend to fumble on choosing a platform; i.e. Windows web hosting or Linux web hosting. Here is a small brief on Windows hosting solution.

Windows is a solution designed by Microsoft and usually comes with a licensing cost. We also know the fact that most web applications being used today are Windows-based and hence this is most recommended. Windows server hosting allows any Microsoft applications to integrate easily and efficiently. Windows hosting is generally recommended to those users who wish to create a website using ASP.NET framework. This web hosting service allows the developer to host a website along with other applications very easily on ASP.NET environment.

Although it is known to be an expensive hosting service, the benefits it brings along with it are certainly worth the extra money. Smooth integration, high level of security, application compatibility and single point of control are some of its most renowned advantages. Windows website hosting is considered Ideal for ASP.NET applications, which allows the users to build a dynamic website and also make it user-friendly. Compatibility with Microsoft applications is another benefit of windows hosting. When it comes to database support, Windows hosting has proved to be much better than other options. For database servers like MSDE, MySQL or MSSQL, Windows platform provides complete integration. Windows hosting also provides better performance in comparison to other platforms. Even at high server loads, the servers remain stable.

Moreover, Windows hosting is also said to be very effective. When choosing Windows web hosting service, make sure you choose ASPHostPortal, World’s leading web hosting service provider.

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