“Appending Search Results”–use same find result window for multiple Search in Visual Studio

Here is another quick tip on using Search Result Window in Visual Studio. In this post, we are going to learn another interesting tip that shows how we can use the same search result window for multiple search items.

Well, you can take advantage of two different search windows inside Visual Studio as long as you don’t need more.  But when you need to maintain the search results for multiple items (Of course we do need it for larger solutions or even for small solutions as well)  you may find it difficult to retain.

In Visual Studio you can take advantage of appending search results where you can append new results on top of existing ones.  While searching, Select the “Append Results” option from the “Results Options” sections.


That’s it. All all the subsequent search results will be attended one after another.  As shown in the below screenshot, we have four different search context results inside a single search window.


This works for both the search result windows. It will append based on the wish result window is selected ( Result Window 1 / Result Window 2).

Agnes Berry