Australia ASP.NET Hosting Comparison – VS

Australia ASP.NET Hosting Comparison – VS

Trueblueweb and DiscountService are two emerging Australia web hosting providers. Just like their names describe, both of them offer various ASP.NET hosting plans for webmasters to choose based on different purposes. In order to take advantageous place in the sea of web hosting companies, the two ones strive to enhance their strengths to develop more exceptional features. As a result, these two web hosts share many aspects in common and, on the other hand, have many differences.

Australia ASP.NET Hosting Comparison - VS

Therefore, for many people it is hard to say which one is a better option. This time, we would like to work out a comprehensive comparison between Trueblueweb and DiscountService. After testing two ASP.NET plans offered the two web hosts and gaining many feedbacks, we compare Trueblueweb to DiscountService from several perspectives, including pricing, feature, uptime, speed and technical support.

To begin with, please refer to the following overall rating table about the two web host.


Plan in ComparisonAusWin-2000Economy
Technical Support★★★★★★★★


Pricing and Plan

Trueblueweb offers five windows shared hosting plans including AusWin-1000, AusWin-2000, AusWin-3000, AusWin-5000 and AusWin-7000. The prices of the plans start from $17.60/mo, $24.20/mo, $29.70/mo, $39.60/mo and $49.50/mo respectively.

DiscountService provides four ASP.NET packages – BEGINNER, ECONOMY, PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS. The packages originally charge for $2.00/mo to $21.00/mo. Additionally, the company is more thoughtful than Trueblueweb in offering both 30 day full refund promise and anytime pro-rated refund policy.


Feature, as a crucial factor to evaluate a hosting service provider, is seriously taken into consideration by many webmasters. Trueblueweb and DiscountService are different from each other in many features. Specifically, DiscountService offers more features to its plans. For instance, it provides more exceptional spotlights in developer feature, database feature and email feature. To have a clear understanding, we pick out the AusWin-2000 and Economy to work out the comparison table below.


Plan in ComparisonAusWin-2000Economy
Hosted Domain2Unlimited
Disk Space150 MB10GB
Windows Server2008 R22012 R2
IIS 8NoYes
SQL Server DatabaseAddon PriceInclude Plan
ASP.NET MVC2/3/42/3/4/5
Remote MSSQLYesYes
Regular Price$24.20/mo$10.00/mo
Discount PriceN/A$7.00/mo


Uptime Rate

To ensure uptime and speed, both Trueblueweb and DiscountService have been investing much money and time. Trueblueweb owns data centers in Brisbane. DiscountService also has world-class data centers in Melbourne. Besides, both of them utilize many latest technologies like DELL servers and cooling system and promise 24/7 monitoring.

[visualizer id=”2667″]

According to our monitoring results, DiscountService does a good job in delivering 100.00% uptime, while Trueblueweb delivers 99.5% uptime.

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