Best and Cheap Australia ASP.NET Core 2.2 Hosting

Best and Cheap Australia Windows ASP.NET Core 2.2 Hosting

Microsoft has announced ASP.NET Core 2.2, are you ready with this latest core version? Of course, you really need a web hosting that 100 percent supports core 2.2 in order to run it properly. Not only that, Windows web hosting generally sets a fairly high price right? Because of that, is the answer for you who need a Windows-based web hosting that supports the latest version of core at a very affordable price. Following is the detail about Hopefully, this article is useful for those of you who are looking for the best core web hosting at affordable prices. – Overview: is the leading provider of affordable ASP.NET Core 2.2 hosting. takes their technology very serious, doing as much in-house as possible to avoid reliance on outside companies and maintaining extra-resilient backup and redundant servers. Their price is more affordable from other hosting companies, but the features you get are quite impressive when you break it down.

ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

ASP.NET Core, unlike the .NET framework, can be run beyond Windows platforms such as Linux, Mac, etc. Visual Studio Code is a component in Visual Studio, the development tool for ASP.NET that allows developing applications in Linux and Mac operating system.

Being open source, ASP.NET Core empowers you to maintain modularity across the project development environment in order to simplify coding. It also provides you the flexibility to add libraries and framework components as required for application deployment. – Hosting Plan: offers an affordable shared hosting plan. The company’s approach to hosting is to provide an easy-to-use platform that is affordable, accessible and powerful enough for anyone to use. And they succeed.

The entry level package is called the ‘Economy’ and offers 2GB of disk space, 20GB of bandwidth and unlimited e-mail account. Also included are unlimited FTP account, MSSQL and MySQL database and considerable access to a range of website development features.’s entry level plan is well equipped to deal with the hosting needs of individuals.

The medium level package, called the ‘Professional’ plan, is more suited to small businesses or larger personal projects. This package sees various upgrades including 5GB of disk space, 50GB of bandwidth, unlimited e-mail account, unlimited FTP account and 2 MSSQL and MySQL databases.’s most powerful plan is the ‘Business’ and users of this package can look forward to 10GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, unlimited e-mail account, unlimited FTP account and 3 MSSQL and MySQL databases. This is the most suitable for large scale websites with high demands and is the only plan suitable for medium to large businesses.  – Pricing Concerns:

The Best Australia Windows ASP.NET Core 2.1.5 Hosting 35% Off

The prices for are more affordable than their competition. A remarkable feature of hosting plans is the ability to purchase their contracts over a huge ten-year basis, giving you access to some significant discounts. The lowest prices come with these ultra-extended contracts, with Economy plan beginning at $6.04, Professional plan beginning at $12.99 and Business plan at $19.49.

Not only Windows 2016 shared hosting in their hosting plan. They offer cloud hosting too, that is beginning at $3.00 and their cloud server is beginning at $20.00. – Customer Support:

One of the hallmarks of is their excellent customer service. This is evident in the number of ways in which you can approach the company and have your concerns addressed. For starters, you may contact the company at any time of the day or night. This may be done through email. The staff is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

There are also a number of helpful resources on the site. This includes a helpful frequently asked question section and even a number of online tutorials. They are both remarkably thorough and helpful. – Reliability:

The real question which must always be asked and answered of a web host is whether or not your customers will be able to find your website. The heart of this question is how reliable is your hosting company. With, you have a 99.9% up-time guarantee. You are also able to transfer over an existing website with no down time at all, a remarkable service not offered at many other places.

Your site is also secure and backed-up regularly. There is even a free back-up wizard and password protected directories for further reliability and security. – Ease of Use: offers Plesk Panel, the Control Panel which has become the industry standard solution. This means that if you’re not familiar with Plesk Panel, and need a bit of help, you’ll find plenty of people who are ready and willing to lend you a hand. Plesk Panel is known for facilitating direct control of all email, domain, website accounts and more. Moreover, it offers streamlined management capabilities, monitoring capabilities and statistics generators, as well. With Plesk Panel, is providing you with an easy to use content management system for your site. – Summary:

If you are looking for a feature-rich and low cost Windows ASP.NET Core 2.2 web host solution, look no further than Everything is straightforward and you will be impressed at how well it all works.

What’s New in ASP.NET Core 2.2?

Microsoft has announced ASP.NET Core 2.2 within the global update of .NET Core SDK 2.2.100.

This update, included in the December 2018 update, requires Visual Studio 2017 15.9 or higher, or Visual Studio for Mac v7.7 or higher, or Visual Studio Code C # extension v1.17.1 or higher. Regardless of this, we could also install it as an optional component within Visual Studio 2019 16.0 Preview 1.

The list of ASP.NET improvements is quite strong, although the focus of this version was on all things performance and productivity in development.

The integration with Open API (Swagger) has been improved, the performance in routing with MVC has been improved, a new application health check API ( Health Checks API ) has been added, it has been improved up to 400% the throughput in IIS and 15% validation of the model in MVC. There is a preview of HTTP / 2, and the templates have been updated to Bootstrap 4 and Angular 6. We will also find a Java client for ASP.NET Core SignalR and improvements of up to 60% with Linux in HTTP Client and 20% in Windows.

The integration with Open API (Swagger)

Open API (alternatively known as Swagger) is a language-agnostic specification for describing REST APIs. The Open API ecosystem has tools that allows for discovering, testing and producing client code using the specification. Support for generating and visualizing Open API documents in ASP.NET Core MVC is provided via community driven projects such as NSwag, and Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.

Endpoint Routing

The new routing features will be on by default for 2.2 applications using MVC. UseMvc and related methods with the 2.2 compatibility version will enable the new ‘Endpoint Routing’ feature set. Existing conventional routes (using MapRoute) or attribute routes will be mapped into the new system. If you need to specifically revert the new routing features, this can be done by setting an option.

Link Generation

Added a new service called LinkGenerator, it is a singleton service that supports generating paths and absolute URIs both with and without an HttpContext. If you need to generate links in Middleware or somewhere outside of Razor then this new service will be useful to you. You can use it in Razor, but the existing APIs like Url.Action are already backed by the new service so you can continue to use those.

SignalR Java Client

In ASP.NET Core 2.2 they are introducing a Java Client for SignalR. The first preview of this new client is available now. This client supports connecting to an ASP.NET Core SignalR Server from Java code, including Android apps.

The API for the Java client is very similar to that of the already existing .NET and JavaScript clients but there are some important differences to note.

ASP.NET Core Module Improvements

They’ve introduced a new module (aspNetCoreModuleV2) for hosting ASP.NET Core application in IIS in 2.2.0-preview1. This new module adds the ability to host your .NET Core application within the IIS worker process and avoids the additional cost of reverse-proxying your requests over to a separate dotnet process.

Health Checks API

Health checks are used by a container orchestrator or load balancer to quickly determine if a system is responding to requests normally. A container orchestrator might respond to a failing health check by halting a rolling deployment or restarting a container. A load balancer might respond to a health check by routing traffic away from the failing instance of the service.

Typically health checks are exposed by an application as a simple HTTP endpoint used by monitoring systems. Creating a dedicated health endpoint allows you to specialize the behavior of that endpoint for the needs of monitoring systems.

Beat Pulse

On the other hand, the people of PlainConcepts have in their package BeatPulse a good news to give as it now supports the new Health Checks API.

BeatPulse project was created to fill a gap in Asp.Net Core ecosystem when no health checks libraries were available.

Now that Microsoft is rolling out their own health checks integration, the Beatpulse project will be focused in contributing towards this library.

Health checking is the process where load balancers or application delivery controller does periodic checks on our applications to make sure that they are up and responding without any problems. If our applications are down for whatever reason or any of the systems that our applications depends on (A database, a distributed cache, web service, ect) are down, the load balancer, k8s, should detect this and stop sending traffic its way trying to restore services manually or automatically.

BeatPulse is a powerfull liveness, readiness library for .NET Core Applications with many out of box enterprise health check services.

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