Best and Cheap India PrestaShop Hosting – New Features in PrestaShop

What is the best about PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is from that group and it’s actually very special, it’s a lot different from the others, otherwise, it won’t be so popular. For example, the first major thing about PrestaShop is that it’s free. This means you may download the PrestaShop engine from the provider and you may install it on your own hosting. You actually will need hosting for that. You install it and then install the PrestaShop theme, the design theme, then you add the products and you actually manage your online store.

Why should you pay attention to this engine

Actually, there’s a lot of options that are free on the market, however, there’s a combination of the other factors, that makes PrestaShop so special. For example, one of the major differences and advantages of PrestaShop is that it’s very light-weight and fast. That’s very good for your store, that’s very good for the user experience. That’s actually very good for search engine rankings because search engines love websites that are fast, that perform well so that’s one of the major reasons why PrestaShop became so popular.

Is it easy enough for a beginner to use PrestaShop?

The other reason is that PrestaShop is very, very beginner-friendly, it’s very hard to break something, and it’s very easy to set things up on your own, without ever using a programmer’s assistance or some sort of developers. It’s very easy to install it on your hosting by yourself, so that’s another major reason, and last not least is that PrestaShop has a very active community and active PrestaShop foundation. I mean, the official developers of the software. And, with the community it’s pretty much clear the community builds design themes and functional modules for PrestaShop. With the foundation, this is less obvious, however, it’s also very important, because you really want to work with the software, provided by the company who takes a good care of it and who invests time and resources into building up the community, into the development of the product itself, so that’s actually a very important thing.

New Features in PrestaShop

Prestashop has released its latest version, which is Prestashop We can see some of the changes in the latest Prestashop below.

Changes since PrestaShop beta 1

- Back Office:
  - Improvement:
    - #11533: Disable oProxyCommand when imap.enable_insecure_rsh does not exists
    - #11466: Revert separated module buttons
    - #11147: PositionColummn UI/UX modifications
  - Bug fix:
    - #11644: Fix ID replacement in urls generated by symfony
    - #11584: Fix displayAdminProductsExtra hook content display in V1.7.5.0 beta
    - #11600: Translate module categories
    - #11572: Clear cache on module action
    - #11579: Remove deprecated functions
    - #11531: Fix all miswritten getAdminLink calls in templates
    - #11339: Fix default values on import page
    - #11508: Escape javascript and html strings
    - #11475: impossible to change position of products
    - #11486: Fix layout
    - #11478: Changes the redirection url after store update
    - #11279: Allow product ordering on explicit request
    - #11463: fix admin translation redirect
    - #11448: Remove useless trad files in install for persian
    - #11447: Escape everything!
    - #11421: Display configure button only if module is configurable
    - #11416: fix customer/address delete resulting in error on cart page
    - #11410: Changing primary domain name no longer reindexes simplified URLs
    - #11309: Add LegacyContext::getLegacyAdminLink
    - #11407: Module manager sorting
    - #11394: Fix crashing for bulk actions
    - #11384: Add an rtlfix file to correctly hide the right side bar in rtl languages
    - #11311: Be able to disable Help Link on Back Office pages
    - #11337: Show more logs in admin
    - #11344: Manage redirection after email translation
    - #11312: Prevent short description limit to be set at 0
    - #10956: Fix product features
    - #11287: Fix filemanager security breaches

- Front Office:
  - Bug fix:
    - #10964: Fix bug in ajax quantity refresh
    - #11261: Fixed inconsistent locale in Front Office

- Core:
  - Improvement:
    - #11070: Feature/module manager categories
    - #11058: Add Hindi, Mexican & Bosnian languages
  - Bug fix:
    - #11603: Fixed CVE-2018-19277
    - #11601: Update ps_checkpayment to latest version
    - #11376: Some strings need to be escaped
    - #11385: Fix missing dot in wording
    - #11345: Update translations catalog
    - #10845: Minor services naming fix
    - #11300: Fix error on tab unregistration when handled by the module
    - #9316: Fix Cart::autoAddToCart using undefined customer when called from BO

- Installer:
  - Improvement:
    - #11357: Improve install warning message for beta builds

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