Great Sale 35% Off – Best Windows Web Hosting

Great Sale 35% Off – Best Windows Web Hosting

ASP.NET enables you to harness the power of the Microsoft .NET framework in your web site pages. You may manage all aspects of your account via an easy to use online control panel, configure email options, administer databases and more. Control Panel and Features will depend on Package.

The ultimate Windows Hosting solution, ASP.NET is a dynamic language used by millions of web developers, enterprises and private website owners. Due to its increasing popularity, ASP.NET hosting is available at better value for money than ever – take a look at our pick of the best ASP.NET Hosting plans available.

Important qualifying factors like best and windows hosting features, customer support and satisfaction, price factor, reliability, uptime statistics and technical support were taken into consideration. After doing ASP.NET development for years, we have used many hosting services in our projects. Best ASP.NET Hosting below offer their customers with fast and reliable solutions at an affordable price.

Great Sale 35% Off – Best Windows Web Hosting

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Great Sale 35% Off – Best Windows Web Hosting

asphostcentral-300x104ASPHostCentral, one of the best ASP.NET hosting provider, was designed with ease of use in mind. They leverage best-in-class connectivity and technology to innovate industry-leading, fully automated solutions that empower enterprises with complete access, control, security, and scalability. With this insightful strategy and their peerless technical execution, they have created the truly virtual data center—and made traditional hosting and managed/unmanaged services obsolete.


A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. Their web hosting packages come with 390+ easily install apps, templates and software such as WordPress for Blogging, Joomla and Drupal CMS software, Ecommerce software such as Zen Cart and Magento, CRM software like SugarCRM and many more…

email_ss_1920Now you can set up professional email addresses rather than settling for using free web mail that doesn’t professionally represent you, your brand or business name. You have the flexibility to setup whatever email address name you require, by name, or department for example. You’ll get an email address with antivirus and spam filter. Moreover, a quick webmail with calendar and address book, free choice between IMAP and POP3 mail and unlimited transfer to the domain.

time-to-upgradeAll web hosting plans have different features and offer different levels of resources. How do you select the right plan for you? A shared hosting plan is by far the most popular one as it is affordable and suitable for most websites. With thousands of web hosts competing for your business and endless offers of unlimited bandwidth and disk space, the new or less experienced webmaster is usually be tempted to go with the lowest priced hosting they can find. As your business grows they offer the flexibility to easily upgrade your hosting to the next package. Upgrades are quick and easy, and can do done from within your client login area. In addition, you can add other products such as an SSL certificate, spam filtering or website backup.

How to Choose Web Hosting Provider?

Here’s a look at what experts recommend you consider when choosing a hosting provider.

Decide how much hand-holding you’ll need. Basic customer service provides access to email, ticket and phone support. Turnaround time on requests, however, will vary. Some service providers even offer 24-hour phone support. The limiting factor to non-managed service is that while a vendor may answer questions about basic configuration, it won’t be your systems manager.

If you want to delegate the management of your site completely, then you want to consider managed service. Providers of managed service will make sure your system is configured properly for your load, keep an eye on security issues, patch your software as needed and manage backups among other tasks.

Estimate the amount of traffic you expect (and be honest with yourself). Hosting providers generally charge based on storage and bandwidth usage. Bandwidth is a measure of how many bytes you serve over a given period. If you expect only a few folks to visit your site, bandwidth will be low. But if you’re suddenly featured at the top of Google or your product goes viral you can expect bandwidth requirements to surge.

As long as you’re honest with yourself, there’s not much of a risk. For example, if you plan to only serve a few pages to a few local customers, you’ll never run afoul of any limits. But if you know that you’re really building a site that will stress low-end shared servers, be sure to pick a dedicated or cloud-based server. That’s next.

Understand server types. The very cheapest hosting is available on shared servers, where one box may run hundreds of websites. The performance of your site depends on the load all the other sites are putting on the host. Shared hosting also limits your access to the server’s capabilities, generally limiting you to uploading files via FTP or SFTP, preventing shell access, restricting what programs you can run on the service and limiting the amount of database access your site can perform.

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