Step by Step Database Connection String MS-SQL Server


This is the easiest way to create a connection string to the database without taking too much time.
So, many times at the beginner level, I faced problems on the connection string and providers associated with the connection string. Then, I found a way to handle it simply following the below steps. I think it should be shared with you all.
Hope you like this simple tutorial!
Let’s begin with the steps:
Step 1
Open Notepad on your PC.
Step 2
Now Save the Notepad File with Ctrl+Shift+S as Connection.udl on the desktop.
Step 3
Now go to the Desktop and double click on the file Connection.udl. The opened file looks like:
Database Connection String MS-SQL Server Easy Steps
Step 4
Now select or Enter server Name
Step 5
Now Select Database Name
Step 6
Now Press Test Connection.
Step 7
Click OK on Test Connection PopUp and Click OK on the Connection.udl File.
Step 8
Then open the Connection.udl file with Notepad, then you get the Database Connection String.
Database Connection String MS-SQL Server Easy Steps
This Connection.udl file only create when it is not on your system by following Step1 to Step2.
Otherwise, you can continue with From Step 3 to Step 8.
Those who are unable to create a Connection.udl file, please find the attachment, and continue with Step 3 to Step 8.
I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial!

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