The Reasons Why You Should Not Use GoDaddy

This GoDaddy website review is for you if you’re someone who knows next to nothing about creating websites and you want to use them.

One of the most popular tools for internet marketing is GoDaddy. It’s regarded as the biggest web server and domain registrar in the world, in fact!

Its immense popularity isn’t a result of its superior performance; rather, it comes from the hundreds of billions of dollars it invests in advertising.

People are so accustomed to GoDaddy because they see its advertisements everywhere—online, on TV, in print, and even during the Super Bowl. Thus, the first place they think about when they consider creating a website is GoDaddy. They might not even be aware of the existence of alternative website builders on the market.

In actuality, GoDaddy’s website builder is not the greatest option for your business website or online store. Here are a few explanations for this:

GoDaddy’s Shocking History

People unquestionably choose supporting ethical and honest businesses over unethical ones.

You might want to reconsider giving GoDaddy such a crucial component of your company, as they don’t exactly have the finest reputation for making ethically sound choices.

The following startling facts about GoDaddy that you may not be aware of are:

  • GoDaddy has a history of using sexist advertising that is demeaning to women
  • GoDaddy supports SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), which cripples human rights efforts and meddles with vital internet security initiatives
  • GoDaddy’s founder and former CEO Bob Parsons has no problem with hunting elephants and posting a video about it on his blog

Perhaps you’re thinking, “The past is gone, so what? Anything may alter! Alright, valid point.

Let’s discuss the current issues that GoDaddy users are facing globally and the reasons you should never use it at all.

However, be advised that there are other GoDaddy website builder reviews out there that advise against signing up with them.

GoDaddy Baits Customers in with Cheap Pricing

GoDaddy boasts of their inexpensive services, such as their free plan and free domain, however in actuality, their costs are excessive!

That right there is deceptive advertising.

GoDaddy advertises prices good only for the first year. After you register, they will charge you for unnecessary services and lock you into more expensive renewal rates.

Of course, though, how could non-technical individuals who know nothing about website development know any better?

The following three GoDaddy fees are completely free for the majority of website builders:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Basic Landing Page Customizations
  • WhoIS Privacy

Additionally, GoDaddy markets many of its website builder plans as “essential” to the whole operation of your website.

They provide “SEO” packages that cost $70 a year or more that are meant to increase your search engine presence, but in practice they accomplish nothing! Additionally, GoDaddy’s premium plans start at $469.99 a month!

Additionally, it’s unclear what you’ll receive if you choose to purchase one of their search engine optimization packages.

Even more dubious is the fact that GoDaddy won’t recommend or change your page to help you get more visitors, which raises the issue of whether the entire affair is a hoax.

Here’s a breakdown of where your money goes with GoDaddy’s website builder:

  • Domain Renewal
  • WhoIS Privacy
  • Website Builder Business

GoDaddy Blocks Important Emails But Lets Spam In

GoDaddy provides 500 emails per day for “professional” email marketing services, yet it does not support the most basic form of email whitelisting.

This indicates that GoDaddy’s spam filter is blocking all kinds of emails, including crucial ones!

Numerous complaints about this may be found if you search for it online.

The fact that SPAM emails manage to “slip through” their filter makes matters much more dubious. You have no idea how much harm this might do to your company.

Furthermore, other hosting plans offer this terrible email service for free, but they charge you for it!

You might want to think twice before using any of the contact forms on GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Overcrowds their Servers Resulting in Slow Websites

A quick-loading website enhances user experience, increases conversion rates, and increases search engine exposure.

For this reason, a lot of website owners spend money and effort optimizing their sites to load more quickly. Unfortunately, and this is terrible news, if GoDaddy is hosting your website, it will probably load slowly!

GoDaddy places a CPU limit on shared server environments and overcrowds its servers.

This implies that if GoDaddy is hosting your website, you will be sharing a server with hundreds, if not millions, of other users.

GoDaddy can cause a lot of problems as a hosting provider, mostly because servers have limited resources.

Therefore, the server may crash if too many files are uploaded by everyone at once (which is very likely to happen).

GoDaddy Owns Your Domain

You are allowed to use a domain that you purchase from a registrar for as long as the lease is still in effect.

That domain merely expires and reverts to an unusable pool of domain names if you don’t purchase it again in order to continue using it.

It’s completely different using the GoDaddy website builder.

They now own your domain if you have one with them and you neglected to pay for it or let it expire. You can bid your domain adieu unless you are prepared to pay a hefty price to have it back.

GoDaddy Claims That It Keeps Your Site Protected but It Doesn’t

According to GoDaddy, its website security program scans for malware and other potential security breaches on your website and guards against them.

In actuality, though, it doesn’t appear to bother the largest web host and custom domain registrant in the world too much if malware is proliferating on their systems.

Users that use POST frequently or make too many false guesses at log-in are usually blocked momentarily by most hosting services.

However, users and bots can continuously bombard login screens with GoDaddy websites in an attempt to guess passwords. Ouch!

GoDaddy’s User Interface and Back End Pages are Confusing

The GoDaddy website builder’s user interface can give you a terrible headache, which is just another reason why selecting it is a bad choice!

To prevent problems later, be sure the hosting company offers the kind of database system you are accustomed to using before signing up.

To avoid user errors, it’s also critical that they have an intuitive user interface. Regretfully, GoDaddy provides backend pages and a UI that are merely unclear.

To reach the desired page, the GoDaddy builder requires you to navigate through several pages. You will therefore have to go through a lot of hoops in order to be able to make any changes you wish to make to your website. Wishing you luck!

Their service sites are overrun with adverts, and their backend pages lack clarity.

GoDaddy Offers Fewer Options

Many may wonder if GoDaddy is dependable when it comes to themes that are customized. Is there a substantial collection of free themes included with the marketing website builder so that customers can redesign their sites later on?

Not at all.

Not every theme that GoDaddy offers can be customized. You can lose every piece of material on your website if you change the theme that is currently on it.

Consider not being able to backup and restore your theme at the same time. That will be the worst thing ever!

Agnes Berry