Best and Cheap MySQL 5.7.9 Hosting – The Budget Hosting Choices

Best and Cheap MySQL 5.7.9 Hosting

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database system. If you can believe many diehard MySQL fans, MySQL is faster, more reliable, and cheaper — or, simply put, better — than any other database system (including commercial systems such as Oracle and DB2). Many MySQL opponents continue to challenge this viewpoint, going even so far as to assert that MySQL is not even a relational database system.

Best and Cheap MySQL 5.7.9 Hosting – The Budget Hosting Choices

What is New in MySQL 5.7.9?

Audit Log Plugin Notes

Some events cannot be terminated. Previously, if an audit plugin returned nonzero status for a nonterminable event, the server ignored the status and continued processing the event. However, if an audit plugin used the my_message() function to terminate a nonterminable event, a server exit occurred. Now the server correctly handles termination of nonterminable events using my_message().

Compilation Notes

MySQL distributions now contain a mysqlclient.pc file that provides information about MySQL configuration for use by the pkg-config command. This enables pkg-config to be used as an alternative to mysql_config for obtaining information such as compiler flags or link libraries required to compile MySQL applications.

Packaging Notes

The shell and Perl versions of mysql_install_db have been removed from MySQL distributions. The executable C++ version of mysql_install_db implemented in MySQL 5.7.5 is still present, but remains deprecated (use mysqld –initialize instead) and will be removed in a future MySQL release. (Bug #21625471)

The deprecated _r versions of the libmysqlclient libraries are no longer installed. (Bug #21311067)

Performance Schema Notes

Previously, the transaction instrument in the setup_instruments table was disabled by default, and the events_transactions_current and events_transactions_history consumers in the setup_consumers table were enabled by default. This setup is inconsistent, and having the consumers enabled could lead to the impression that transactions were instrumented by default. Now, the consumers are also disabled by default. To monitor transactions, enable the instrument and the applicable consumers. (Bug #21780891)

With the show_compatibility_56 system variable disabled, SHOW VARIABLES and SHOW STATUS statements failed if MySQL was compiled without Performance Schema support. Consequently, it is no longer possible to compile without the Performance Schema.

Plugin Notes

The audit plugin API has been extensively revised to support a finer breakdown of the general event type (MYSQL_AUDIT_GENERAL_CLASS) into more specific events. This enables audit plugins to more precisely indicate the types of events in which they are interested and reduces overhead for plugins that have use for only a few event types. The API also now permits early termination of event execution. For more information, see Writing Audit Plugins. The general event type is still available but is deprecated and will be removed in a future MySQL release.

Security Notes

For RPM-based packages, the permissions used to create the data directory (/var/lib/mysql) have been changed from 755 to 751. This tightens the data directory permissions while still permitting world access to the mysql.sock file in that directory. (Bug #21066592) as The Best and Cheap MySQL 5.7.9 Hosting

ASPHostPortal Fully Support MySQL 5.7.9 Hosting

To use all of MySQL versions especially the latest version, you should choose reliable hosting company that has fully support. Although ASPHostPortal is ASP.NET hosting providers, but they always give fully support of all MySQL versions. Their support features is very updateable.

ASPHostPortal Reliability

As is known, reliability is a top concern for webmasters hosting MySQL websites, thus ASPHostPortal exerts to providing satisfying uptime so as to keep websites running stably and smoothly. This hosting provider guarantees 99.9% uptime.

ASPHostPortal Pricing

ASPHostPortal pricing is quite cheap and very competitive; a hosting plan goes for as low as $1.00/month per month. And to start MySQL 5.7.9 hosting you just need to pay $5.00/mo. They are one of the cheapest hosting put there which still offers good service for customer’s money. They have eight different plans which give flexibility and the opportunity to go for a plan that suits customers’ needs as well as their pocket.

ASPHostPortal World Class Control Panel

As one of the most webmaster friendly web hosting provider, ASPHostPortal gives out all the convenience to their customer to manage the server easily. ASPHostPortal chooses Plesk Control Panel as the Windows ASP.NET web hosting control panel. Plesk Control Panel is an easy-to-use and visual designed control panel for Windows/ASP.NET web hosting. With Plesk Control Panel you can easily manage all about your websites, including domains, files, databases, scheduled tasks, FTP accounts, emails and more.

ASPHostPortal Has MySQL Expert Support Team

Their MySQL Expert Support Team is very friendly. Feel free to ask all your problems to them. They are always ready to help you 24/7/365. If you like to contact their support, you can contact them with create ticket. As usual, the ticket can be replied within half an hour, the response speed is much faster than any other web hosting. Only fast is not enough, it must be professional, you may find there’re much more satisfied clients with ASPHostPortal, since those guys are more professional in assisting the customers. In all, the support team is real great!

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